Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Passage to Del Carmen, Bahia De Campeche

At sea - Bahia De Campeche, In position 19' 25.30" North, 094' 43.57" West, making 8.5 knots headway in 10 to twelve foot quartering seas out of the north, on course 104 degrees true.

So far it has been a slow rolling journey in moderately rough conditions with infrequent rain squalls. Load on deck is A-OK, 21 souls on board. Enroute Del Carmen Mexico where we will load additional FUGRO personnel and continue core sampling operations. I am standing the 6 am to 6 pm watch and my mate Jesus is standing the 6 pm to 6 am watch. Communications are good with our satellite service that includes internet and two "land lines" however the SSB with Digital Selective Calling that is routed with our GMDSS equipment is inoperable though we have a separate stand alone SSB that is operational.

I've seen a few flying fish and when departing Tuxpan noticed a healthy pod (about two dozen) of Dolphin's though these seem to be more stout and dark in color than the Dolphins around the Channel Islands off California whose pods are vast, often times surrounding the various vessels I have sailed there. I also spotted an large albatross or possibly a frigate bird. Wish I had my bird book for positive identification as I am noticing brightly colored tropical birds that like to hitch a ride sometimes on the shrouds of our forward mast.

All in all things are very good. Good Mexican food with fresh grilled tortilla's at every meal. Asada, pollo, and all the accoutrement's. Especially like the homemade salsas.

Missing my lady Katie and Hayden and Julia Brown very much and hopefully will see everyone soon, about the middle of next month.

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