Friday, February 2, 2007

Today's Events, M/V Discovery (Vanuatu)

Captain's Log,

Today was quite uneventful. At the dock in Tuxpan, Mexico waiting on weather to cruise down the coast to Del Carmen where we will work with Geologist's, Surveyor's and Drillers from FUGRO in Houston, Texas. FUGRO is doing sampling of the earth at depths up to 400' for PEMEX which is the one and only oil company in Mexico. This work is accomplished with a drilling rig we have welded to our work deck.

In addition to the our full crew compliment of 13 people we have 22 FUGRO employees on board for a total of 35 people. All hands are accommodated on the ship with room to spare as we are 270 feet long at 1405 Gross Ton's.

As of today the plan is to leave on Monday morning February 5th to Del Carmen.

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Benjamin said...

Have fun! Your niece should be born the day after.