Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cabo Frio Brazil, Anchorage

Cabo Frio Brazil,

Small vessels in the background protected at anchor in Cabo Frio. We hired a launch to take the crew ashore while we waited on the weather to improve for a few days. Subsequently we are now at the work site 50 miles offshore, S. Atlantic ocean. Still on the night shift working 6 PM to 6 AM (+3 Papa Time Zone). Today was the first day in many days that we were able to set up on 4 anchors and continue our survey consisting of core sampling. My grandfather Frank Fava would be proud as he retired from the State of Louisiana as a Geologist (where he worked for 40 or so years), and would be familiar with our work. I am working with Geologists on a daily basis as we continue our work.

My anchor handling is improving and I can now set all 4 anchors with confidence, but still have some more to learn in maneuvering our 1405 Ton, 270' Vessel. Night and day differences from the 110' Patrol Boat and 175' Buoy Tender I maneuvered while a Deck Watch Officer and Executive Officer during my 20 year career in the US Coast Guard. It is all good.

Captain Ben Brown

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