Thursday, May 10, 2007

Waiting on Weather Again, Cabo Frio

A lot has happened since my last posting. Last week while on our four point anchor spread our starboard anchor cable parted necessitating a ride back into Niteroi where we replaced the cable and anchor. Good thing we had a spare anchor with us as a replacement anchor costs $30,000.00 USD in Brazil. My mate Jesus went back home to Tepic, Mexico and we are sailing with a Brazilian Mate which has been helpful, especially in translating. I switched to the night shift and still getting used to the time change. Anyway, after repairs we went back out to our work location which is 50 nautical miles South East of Cabo Frio and were able to get two days of work in before getting shellacked by a strong storm system that produced 49 knot winds and seven meter seas. Thank god we were not far from the protected anchorage of Cabo Frio ! Our eight hour ride into Cabo Frio was a little lumpy in 4 meter side seas but we are no worse for the wear.

I plan on going ashore tomorrow for yet more souvenirs as the beach we are anchored in front of has nice things and some bargains. It reminds me a lot of some anchorages I have been to off of California like at Smugglers Cove on Santa Cruz Island and maybe Avalon but a lot less built up and crowded plus the sand is sugar white with warmer water.

I miss everybody back home Katie, Julia and Hayden and our friends and family. It was nice to get e-mail's from Chris Allaire and Tom and Amy Larson who are cruising in Australia. I am really glad to have internet via a satellite link and was able to buy flowers for Mom and Ann and would have sent some to Bonnie if she wasn't in Ireland with Vern.

Ben Brown

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