Sunday, April 29, 2007

Waiting on Weather

In the vicinity of Cabo Frio at anchor waiting on weather, there is a high pressure system off the coast that has created 17 to 18 foot seas which is way out of our league to operate safely. Last night when we came in to anchor we were in 10 to 12 foot beam seas and 45 knot winds for our 6 hour transit which was not fun but all is OK now.

The Prainha (Portuguese for small beach, Praia is Large Beach) where we are anchored is a family vacation spot and is very nice, quiet and off the beaten path. These beaches do not have individual names according to our interpreter Helio (pronounced Ell - e - o). There is a small section at the end of the beach that costs $3.00 Reai's ($1.50 US) to enter but I have yet to figure out why, as the rest of the beach is free with plenty of restaurants, beach chairs and food and beverage service on the beach, emerald green water and sugar white sand that the shopkeepers keep clean by sweeping with brooms and raking. I found some really cool homemade paddles yesterday that looked hand carved in the men's restroom which serves double duty as a storage locker. There are vendors who sell their goods on the beach; yesterday I had green mussels that did not taste the greatest and also fresh Cashew nuts that were warmed and salted for $3.00 Reai, which were very good. There was a gentleman who walked down the beach with handheld portable BBQ that he used for making toasted cheese on a stick, perhaps I will try it today. I was able to get more souvenir's yesterday to add to my collection but would like to get more today.

When we go back to work I am hoping it will not last for more than 3 weeks so we can return to the US. I am missing Katie and Julia and Hayden and family and friends tremendously.

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