Saturday, April 21, 2007

S. Atlantic Ocean, Cabo Frio Brazil Coast

Can't believe that it has been nearly 60 days since my last posting. Since then I have been very busy delivering the vessel from Carmen Mexico to Galveston Texas, then accompanying my boss "The Master" as we traveled from from Galveston, Texas on March 13th across the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and SE along the S. American coastline until finally sailing into port in Rio De Janero on April 12th. There is not a whole lot to report about the trip other than the current being such a factor as we were sailing into it most of the time sometimes only making 5 or 6 knots which made the trip a few days longer than anticipated. We had a pretty mean side sea along the Nicaraguan Rise coming from the Windward passage during which we lost our moon pool cover and our port stern anchor along with the anchor bracket ! We had pilot Charts to take advantage of the currents but our Pilot Charts were for the N. Atlantic ocean only, we will try to get a new Pilot Chart for the S. Atlantic Ocean for the return trip.

Anyway I calculated all of our time changes including the N. American daylight savings time adjustment so when we arrived in Rio we were predictably 1 hour ahead. Clearing through Brazilian Customs was quite an experience as was the expense of berthing, divers and repairs. I find the Brazilian people to be quite friendly and nice to work with. We were actually berthed in Niteroi on Illa Do Viana at Renave Shipyard across the Bay from Rio and had to take advantage of water taxis to get back and forth from the ship to town. I am very glad I have an interpreter assigned to me as I report daily to the Brazilian Navy and Port Authorities on vessel movements and other written and radio requirements. I know a little Spanish and actually understand a lot but Portuguese is a whole different ballgame.

In Rio my favorite items were "Shop" which is draft beer, "Brama" which is a local brand of bottled beer and by far my favorite restaurant is the Churrascaria where there a roving waiter delivering all sorts of meat on a stick and unlimited Sushi.

All I have time for at the moment. Fixing the Furuno echo sounder.

Photos coming soon.

Smooth sailing,

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